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Wednesday 3rd October | 10:30 - 12:30 h

Free admission for Centers while seating is available |

Seats: 200

Canteiras is an activity incorporated into Curtocircuíto’s programming that showcases educational initiatives for the cinema within our community and the educational centres in all of Galicia.

As for Curtocircuíto, we believe audiovisual literacy is one of the key factors in training future spectators and designers, artists, authors and actors, and critical and reflective audiences, but we are also aware of the value of artistic education for training citizens of the 21st century. That is why we want to consolidate Canteiras as a linchpin between innovative educational initiatives for the cinema in the sector and centres that wish to incorporate audiovisual education into the provisions for their students. Canteiras aims to be the exhibit, showcase and promoter of model practices that enable students to know, interpret and express themselves through audiovisual creation and reflection on audiovisual objects. In the 15th edition of Curtocircuíto, we will have the opportunity, for the first time, to bring together two initiatives from different places (both geographically and in terms of experience) to share and discuss ideas and learn from each other about the work they carry out in their respective centres.  


Canteiras 2.0

The basic idea is to bring together two initiatives within the field of education for the audiovisual sector and to share experiences, exchange ideas, ways of proceeding, approaches, perspectives, models, proposals, perceptions, opinions, conclusions and doubts so that we can pursue fostering dialogue between quality initiatives that promote literacy and audiovisual creativity within the Galician community.

It would be a kind of 1x1 in which each of the initiatives would be presented separately and then a panel discussion would be opened so that students and teachers from both centres could ask each other questions, share problems, concrete issues or specifics that fall within the tough and extraordinary (in the double meaning, because it steps out of the ordinary and because it is excellent that it is being carried out extracurricularly) path that from these initiatives is used to provide education for knowledge, enjoyment, bonding and audiovisual creation.



IES As Barxas (Moaña) | IES Concepción Arenal (Ferrol)



  • Presentation of the centre and the project
  • Selection of the pieces to be screened
  • Colloquium on the experience of filming the pieces by the participants.